Whitesburg KY

Gabby’s fishing fever

Good smallmouth fishing reported

It is small mouth bass season and the action is heating up.

Many bass anglers are already telling about good trips on Kentucky and Tennessee lakes. We are blessed to have many great smallmouth lakes in our area, with less than a three-hour drive to most.

Some of these are legendary smallmouth bass lakes like Dale Hollow Lake that lies in Kentucky and Tennessee. The current world record smallmouth is from this lake. It is also the home area of the legendary Billy Westmorland, who was one of the best-known smallmouth anglers of all time. I have gotten to fish this lake several times over the past years and am always in awe of this magical place of smallmouth history.

One of the best ways to fish for fall smallmouth is with top water baits. These wild fish will knock a top water bait completely out of the water and come out of the water at times they will strike it so hard. Just something about the sound and vibration of a bait on the surface drives a “smallie” wild. They can be much more aggressive than a large mouth in cooler water.

The smallmouth will stay active in very low water temperatures. Some fish the coldest days of winter with a float and fly rig to catch monster smallmouth bass. If you get time to get out give a top water a try.

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