Whitesburg KY

Gabby’s fishing fever

Fishing was great during warm spell

Before this week’s cold spell, we had been blessed of late with milder weather that kept largemouth bass and crappie active and feeding.

I have talked to several fishermen who had good bass trips in Kentucky and Tennessee. On Cherokee Lake in Tennessee, the bass were still active on top-water baits, but the weather turning cold will make the fish go some deeper and change their patterns some.

Instead of top-water action, baits like shallow running crank baits and tube baits and jigs will be the best. It was unusual to have temperatures in the 60s and high 50s this time of year, but it sure was nice and we already miss it now that the snow has started flying this week.

With the temps dropping to regular lows the largemouth bass action will slow and the smallmouth action will get hot. The cold weather does not bother the smallmouth like it does the largemouth bass. They will be active on the coldest day of the year. Some of the biggest smallmouth caught all year comes in the winter months on legendary smallmouth lakes like Dale Hollow Lake.

These are patterns for using shad-colored crank baits, jigs, spoons, tube baits and the float and fly rig.

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