Whitesburg KY

Gabby’s fishing fever

A ‘fish of a lifetime’ is waiting for you

I am sure you have heard an angler talk about his or her favorite spot or area of a lake to fish or heard them talk about a secret spot or a “honey hole” or even a spot called “bass heaven.”

All of these names for special areas where an angler has done well will always hold a special place in their heart. I sure have my spots and areas on many lakes and streams that I hold as special areas for some reason. Even on a small lake like Carr Creek Lake there are several areas that I have great memories of catching a big fish or several fish.

I used to do a lot of tournaments with my fishing buddy Jeff Burns and we did very well in several bass tournaments. We got on a big roll one year and won a lot of them, and we had our special spots to be on at certain times with certain baits to use. When you have this kind of thing going for you, you have confidence in the area you are fishing and in what you are fishing. This will make you fish harder and more confidently. I promise you that over time you will catch more fish like this.

Then there are the lakes with legendary reputations, like the great smallmouth lake with world record fish in it, Dale Hollow Lake. I am in awe of this lake every time I fish it and just expect to hook into a monster smallmouth at any time.

Then there is the musky lake with the monster size fish with razor sharp teeth — Cave Run Lake in Morehead. I have fished this lake a lot over the years it seems to never disappoint. Other great lakes include Kentucky Lake, Cherokee Lake, and Lake Cumberland. Be sure to give these lakes a chance to produce a fish of a lifetime for you soon.

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