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Gabby’s fishing fever

A little research can pay off bigtime

Every angler knows that fishing can be tough this time of year and that anything you can do to put things in your favor is a big plus. The good news is there are many things you can do to help, like going online and searching for information on the lakes you want to fish.

I remember several years ago when we did not have the Internet to look for fishing reports and lake conditions. That meant you had to talk to anyone who had been fishing there or try to call a tackle shop or boat dock to get some type of report. In the warmer weather you could sometimes find some sort of fishing report in a newspaper or local magazine.

Back in the day I worked with several magazines and provided fishing reports and information on several lakes for a long time. Later I worked with several fishing sites on the Web wrote fishing articles. Some of my work ended up on the covers of some big name outdoors magazines. Those are great times I will never forget, but now we have the use of the Internet to look for fishing information on just about any fishing location anywhere. This is a great tool for any angler and well worth the time to search for information.

Like I said this is a tough time to find good fishing, but a little research can help you find a great place to start.

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