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Gabby’s fishing fever

Weather may put big bass on move

The recent warm weather has been a welcome change to all the ice and snow and bitter cold weather we have had.

The old groundhog said we will have a early spring and I sure hope he is right. I am ready for warm weather and fishing and camping and hiking and just all outdoors activities. I think most people feel the same way.

One great thing for anglers right now is the warming trend. It is just what it takes to get largemouth bass and other fish on the move and to feed more.

This can cause a small fish feeding frenzy on some areas on some lakes. Look for any areas where schools of shad are close to the surface and fish like bass are feeding on them. You can tell this by the minnows breaking the surface and skipping around. This is a area of active feeding fish and a great place to cast a bait.

Baits that look like or act like a shad work well. Baits like small shad-colored crankbaits and white spinner baits are top choices. Work these baits by casting them past the active areas and work them back through and around the school and work them with a small pause and twitch on the retrieve. This acts and looks like a injured shad and will trigger a feeding instinct in most feeding fish.

Just remember spring is coming and we can all get out soon.

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