Whitesburg KY

Gabby’s fishing fever

Weather gives you chance for big catch

I have seen some really nice largemouth bass being caught in our area and in the lakes in east Tennessee.

Over the past few weeks there have been a lot of nice bass pictures being posted online. Some are just good keeper-size with a few really nice ones in the fouror five-pound range. One of the biggest reasons for this are the spans of nice weather we have been having. We have had some cold days, also, but several nice warm days really seem to help and make the bass more active on some lakes.

Temperatures are normally colder at this time of winter and the bass will hold out longer to feed closer to the shore. But this run of warmer weather has brought the water temperatures up some and triggered a good fishing opportunity for anglers willing to get out and give it a try. I have not gotten to go out yet and start my fishing for the year, but it will not be long if the weather stays mild like it is.

I have had reports of some bass being caught on shad-colored crank baits worked close to the rocky banks, and of some coming on slower-moving baits like jigs and tube baits fished deeper along shoreline cover like wood and rock.

If you are in the mood to do some early season bass fishing, then as long as the weather stays mild get out and give it a try.

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