Whitesburg KY

Gabby’s fishing fever

Return to action several days away

It seems the weather has gotten some better and more stable. The air and water temperatures have risen some and have become more normal for this time of year.

All the rain we had over the past few weeks really caused a lot of damage to our waterways and lakes. Major flooding and high water caused all types of issues and problems for a lot of people and a lot of areas. All this takes time to settle down and get things back to normal.

Just like everything else, the fishing action was greatly affected and will take some time to get back to where it was before the rain flooded the whole area. I have had reports of a few fish being caught here and there, mostly in lakes in Tennessee and larger lakes like Lake Cumberland.

Normally lakes are offering some good late winter early pre spawn action in normal conditions. But because of all the crazy weather and flooding, it will take time to return to normal.

What really determines peak and the best fishing situations is consistent days of a warming trend over several days. Not when it is 60 one day and 25 the next, it is a warming trend over several days in a row.

This is what you want to look for when deciding the times you want to fish. This will help you more than anything this time of year.

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