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Gabby’s fishing fever

Where to look for bass and crappie

I think everyone is ready for spring and warmer weather. This winter has been very wet and cold, and many of lakes and streams were flooded. This really put a big stop to any early spring fishing and set anglers back some. But now everything has settled down and looking much better.

The lakes are now at normal levels and have good color. Most lakes should be in the 50 degree range right now, with some a few degrees higher or lower. As the surface temperatures climb into the 56 degree range you will start to see a big increase in fish activity, especially largemouth bass and crappie.

Most of the time in early spring, crappie will be the first fish to move to shallow backwater areas to feed and start to stage areas for the pre-spawn cycle. They will use areas where shallow water is close to deeper water, such as where a bank is close to a creek channel or off the edge of a primary drop off. They love to hang around areas where large culverts dump water into the main lake.

Most of the time, the incoming water will be some warmer than the main lake. All these things make this a very good fish catching pattern for this time of year. The schools of bait fish will also move toward shallow backwater areas and the hungry bass will follow them. So look for any type surface disturbance and fish these areas well with shad pattern baits like spinner baits and crank baits.

Let’s all kick off our spring fishing season with a productive and safe trip.

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