Whitesburg KY

Gabby’s fishing fever

Where to look for bass and crappie

The calendar says it is spring and the warmer weather is a true sign of the times. If what I have seen and heard already about the bass fishing, this spring should be great.

I have not gotten to go fishing yet, but I will soon. There have been some really nice-sized bass already caught this year, many of which were keeper-sized. The bass are starting to set up in shallow water and backwater areas in the pre-spawn patterns and looking for spots to build their beds, or nest as some anglers call it.

The female bass lays her eggs and the male guards the nest. During this time, the big sow female bass can be caught off the nest but needs to be returned to finish her spawning.

A lot of bass are caught using baits such as white spinnerbaits reeled slowly along bedding areas. Shad-colored crank baits fished in the same areas also work well.

The water temperature is around 52 degrees and slowly rising. As the water warms more bass will move to shallow backwater areas that warm first and the bass will become more active. This is a great time of year to fish and it will just get better.

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