Whitesburg KY

Gabby’s fishing fever

All signs point to good spring fishing

Alll the signs show spring fishing is well underway.

Everywhere you look you see fisherman pulling boats and fishing rods in vehicles. Signs of spring fishing are in the air, from boat and RV shows to many folks taking fishing trips all over the place.

After a long cold winter, most outdoors and fishing people are glad to see warmer weather and the return of good fishing to our area lakes and streams. I have had several bass angler telling of some real good bass fishing trips.

On Carr Creek Lake over the past several weeks, some big bass have been caught with some nice weight in the bass tournaments. Most are being caught by rolling a spinner bait or shad pattern crankbait parallel to the bank in new covered areas of the lake. This is a normal spring pattern and a good one to find and catch active feeding bass.

The large schools of shad will also move into the backwater areas and along new cover on banks. The bass will follow and feed on them, so a shad pattern crankbait is hard to beat.

Crappie fishing is also doing well right now. Look for some type of cover close to the banks like wood rocks or weed beds. Crappie will use these areas to hide and wait for minnows and other food to come by.

Whatever you like to fish for, now is the time to get started. The fishing should only get better as spring goes on.

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