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Gabby’s fishing fever

How to fish for bass during nesting

So far this year the bass fishing is pretty good. Some nice numbers of bass — and some big bass — have been caught.

It is now the pre-spawn time where bass will be looking for places in the backwater and shallow areas to build a nest and lay their eggs. The male bass will guard the eggs and the bigger females will feed and go in and out around the nest area.

During this time of year while bass are on the nest some huge female bass are caught on some lakes. It is a good idea to always return those bass to the water so they can finish the nesting and provide a good bass population for the future younger bass anglers.

When you are fishing in and around a nesting area, stay as quiet and still as possible. Use light clear line and fish small baits like tube baits, four-inch worms and small jerk baits close to the nest. You might have to make several casts to a spot to get a strike. This is a great time to get out and start your spring fishing.

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