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Gabby’s Fishing Fever

Large bass await in Carr Creek Lake

I have been fishing Carr Creek Lake for as long as it has been around and always done pretty good bass fishing. This lake has been through up and down cycles for years. Some years are good and some years are really slow, but over the past five years or so it seems every spring the bass fishing gets better with a lot of bigger bass being caught.

This spring has proved so far to be a very good start for many anglers and bass tournament organizers. Some huge limits of bass have been weighed in and some really big bass have been caught — bass weighing over five pounds and one I heard of around seven pounds a few weeks ago. This is a very positive sign on future bass fishing on this lake and is a trend I feel will only get better each year.

I think these positive changes and year-to-year improvements in bass fishing are due to several factors. One is the successful spawn of bass each spring, which restocks and replenishes bass populations and ensures good fishing in the future. For years this lake has been considered to be very fertile. This makes good food sources for the minnows and shad and promotes good schools of these baitfish, which the bass rely on as a major food source. The baitfish population on this lake is huge.

This lake also has good shallow water areas and good deeper water areas, both in the backwater and main lake areas. For a lake that is under 1,000 acres in size and gets a lot of fishing and boat use, the bass action is great right now. And do not be surprised — sometime very soon, I think — when bass of 10 pounds or better come from this lake.

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