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Small waters can yield very big fish

There are many small ponds and creeks and rivers that have the ability to produce some of the best fishing in an area. Some of these small bodies of waters are very easy to get to. And some of them can be very hard to get into.

I have fished creeks that you could drive right up to and wade in almost anywhere you want to. And I have also had to park in the weeds and walk and pack all my fishing gear and walk over half a mile to get to a fishing hot spot. I guess it comes down to how bad you want to fish an area and what you will do to get to it.

Myself, if I get a good report on a very out-of-the-way pond or creek that promises great fishing, I will go out of my way to try to get to it and fish it. How many of you have ever had someone go on and on about a pond or creek having the hottest fishing you ever had? And then you go and try it and it is some of the worst fishing you ever had. But then that is what your fishing buddies are for.

When a pond or creek really does have good fishing and the fish are biting, it can be some of the best fishing you will ever do. It seems that every pond has its own personality. And it seems that every pond has it own good and bad points.

I have fished ponds that you could cast all the way across, but had monster size bluegill in it. And I have fished ponds that you could put a small boat on and not caught anything but small bluegill or bass. I don’t think that the size of a pond is as important as a lot of other things, like if a pond has a source of clean fresh water to supply it. This will help greatly.

Also it seems that if a pond such as a farm pond is in a lowlying area that gets water run off from fertile soil it seems that the water will also be very fertile. And this will greatly improve the size of the fish in a pond. When you run across a farm pond like this you can have a good chance to catch a fish of a lifetime.

Fish like bass, bluegill and catfish seem to do very well in ponds. A large bass that lives its life out in a pond has a much more laid-back life than a bass in a large lake. The bass in the pond is not stressed out by boats tearing the water up all the time and by anglers casting every type of bait and lure in the world at it all the time. The pond bass can slowly move around and look for minnows or small bluegill, frogs, lizards or whatever it wants to eat. The lake bass has to compete for all its food with other fish all the time.

When fishing in a pond for bass, a lot of time-tested fishing methods seem to work like fishing early with topwaters. Or try a spinnerbait slow rolled close to cover. If the water is pretty clear, use a small willow leaf blade spinnerbait. This gives off a lot of flash in the clear water. Or if you are working a topwater or buzzbait on a clear pond, try to use a smaller size bait on lighter line. The bass will have a larger strike zone in the clear water and will feed mostly by sight. But this also means that the bass will be easier to spook so be as quiet as possible for the best results.

Then if you are fishing a stained water pond, you can get by with using larger baits that make more noise like a bait that has built in rattles or like a buzzbait. In the stained water the bass will have a smaller strike zone and feed mostly by sound and vibration. That is why you want to use baits that make a sound for the bass to find the bait.

Give these tips a try and give small water fishing a try for some very of the most fun fishing you will ever have. If you have a fishing question or comment, send it to gabbysfishingfever@yahoo.com.

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