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Use a rattling crankbait for success

There are many types of crankbaits for bass. One of the most widely used and most popular is a rattling style crankbait, and there are several reasons for this.

One reason is most are a little heavier and can be cast a long way and have better feel on the retrieve. Also by having the rattles, they put off a natural sound in the water that is very attractive to a feeding bass. When a injured baitfish is moving around it gives off a certain sound that a bass can hone in on it and find in the water. These rattles in the bait give off a similar sound bass will find and strike.

Some of these rattles are small bbs and some are glass beads and other things designed to make different sounds in the water. This sound in the water is a natural sound of a distressed bait fish and a easy meal for a hungry bass.

When fishing these types of baits, make long casts around active areas and parallel to the bank whenever possible. This keeps your bait in front of active bass much longer than just casting to the bank and retrieving your bait straight back out to the boat or bank. Fishing these types baits like this will greatly increase your success rate.

A long rod with a limber tip and a good strong bottom section is best for crankbaits. They allow a longer cast and more feel on the retrieve and make for better hook sets on the strike.

If you have not fished a rattling crankbait in a while, give one a try soon.

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