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Gabby’s Fishing Fever

Fishing for crappie holding on cover

I think most anglers like to fish for crappie. Crappie is just one of those fun little fish like bluegill that most fisherman grew up fishing for and really enjoyed fishing for.

Most can remember going on a nighttime fishing trip and tossing a minnow out on a hook under an old Coleman lantern and watching a big bobber or your line take off and pulling up a nice size crappie. Those were good times and good memories.

As we all grow as anglers we learn new ways of fishing and new tackle and rod and reels, but most of us remember all the good days on the water doing some crappie fishing and it is a great tasting fish also.

Most of the time you will find crappie around some type of cover. Crappie like bass like to hold around some type of cover and wait for food to come by. Crappie will use a big variety of things for cover, like wood, rocks, trees and brush piles, manmade fish cover and weed beds and anything to break up the shoreline like bluffs and cliff lines. All these are good fishing areas. Look for these type of areas and fish them well.

Also watch a fish finder for groups of fish around these areas. Crappie will school in numbers and you can catch many fish in a general spot.

If you have not tried this type of fishing in a while, give it a try soon.

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