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Trout: Cool and overlooked by many

Trout fishing is one of the least talked about fishing there is, but I really do not know why. It may be that most anglers simply may not fully understand this fish and how to fish best for it.

Trout must have cool, clean water to live in and prefer clear water with some type of current, such as a stream. There are several spots in our area streams and rivers, and some lakes, that are stocked with trout a couple of times a year by the state Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources.

Trout are very beautiful and colorful. They prefer to eat by taking bugs off the surface. This makes trout flies very popular and successful with trout anglers. Most of these baits are fished on a fly rod. The use of a fly rod makes this presentation work well for fishermen who know how to work a fly rod pretty well.

I have fished like this several times over the years for all types of fish and had good results. You can make a cast and bait presentation with a fly rod in ways you cannot do with regular fishing tackle.

As far as bait for trout, you can use corn, marshmallows, red worms and mealworms, and small minnows. Look for spots in the streams with some current and around some type of cover. These are great places to look for trout. And if you love to wade fish, this is something you want to check out, too.

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