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Big bass love to hide in cover of wood

I would say that bass fishing on most lakes is the top type of fishing done most of the year. There are more types of bass-related fishing tackle and specialty rod and reels made for bass fishing than for anything else. And every type of bass lure known to man is made. Even fishing boats are referred to as bass boats.

Also, there are countless bass fishing shows on TV and most all the fishing tournaments are bass-related ones. The bass fishing industry as a whole is a multi-million dollar thing every year.

Most bass anglers like to learn as much as they can about bass fishing to try to get better at it. One thing you need to know is bass are ambush feeders, meaning they love to hide or bury up in some form of cover and wait for food like baitfish to come by and strike them from the cover. This cover can come in many forms — weed beds, rocky formations on the bottom, and along the bank-like cliffs and bluffs, and man-made fish attractors.

Areas where shallow and deeper water meet also hold bass, but probably the main place they hide on most lakes is around some form of wood cover. This wood cover can also take many different forms — trees that have fallen into the water, stumps, standing flooded timber, willow trees in the water, big root wads even wooden boat docks. All these forms of wood cover will hold bass at times and can produce great bass fishing. Each has its own type of fishing pattern and baits that will work best.

You can fish every type of bait in your tackle box around most wood cover if you fish the bait the right way. When it comes to large wood cover like a big fallen tree, most anglers like to fish faster moving baits such as top waters, buzz baits, spinner baits, shallow-running crank baits and jerk- and twitch-style baits around the outside of the cover for active feeding bass. You can work your way slowly into the deeper parts of the cover with slower moving baits such as worms jigs and tube baits.

Remember these tips and try fishing around wood cover for big bass on a trip soon.

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