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Gabby’s Fishing Fever

Worms are his favorite bass bait

Anyone who has bass fished with me much knows how much I like to fish with worms for bass. This is with good reason, as over the many years I have fished for bass, most of my really big fish have been caught on a worm.

I have done really well in bass tournaments over my lifetime of fishing a worm, so it is hard to get me to believe that a plastic worm is not one of the best bass catching baits ever made. It is known as a big bass bait, also.

I guess for anglers like me who like to fish a little slower and deeper and around cover for bass, a worm is great bait that can be fished on the surface by using a floating style worm very popular and effective in and around weed beds and grass.

You can fish a worm as deep as you want to with the use of sinkers and weights. There are several basic ways to rig a worm. One of the best known is called the Texas rig. This is done by sliding a slip sinker up your line and tying on an offset shank hook. Take the worm and insert the hook into the center of the head and pull the worm down about half a inch and rotate it and pull up on the bait and insert the hook tip into the worm and pull it straight. Now you can fish in and around cover.

Also a popular way to fish the worm is called a wacky rig. You just hook the worm in the center of the bait and twitch it in the water like jerk bait. This is good on the surface or around visible cover.

Any way you rig it a worm is a top bait for summertime bass.

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