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Shoreline areas are great for fishing

Many bass and bluegill fisherman spend a lot of time fishing close to and around shoreline areas, and for many good reasons.

Several things that make a lake’s shoreline a top choice for fishing. Both visible and underwater cover such as trees and weeds and rocks hold baitfish most of the year. This makes these areas hot spots for bass and crappie and a walleye or muskie at times.

The banks come in every form on most lakes, from shallow flat areas with gentle slopes to deeper banks such as points and bluff walls and cliff lines.

Fish love these areas in summer and winter. They can move vertically up and down to change water depths and water temperatures. This is where deeper baits such as big crank baits, spinners and worms, jigs and spoons are a top bait choice.

What all this really means is that a shoreline is a major form of fishing structure and must be broken down and each area fished with the best bait and best pattern to have the best results. However, this knowledge is only learned by years of fishing, but can pay off big once learned.

One of the best tips for fishing most banks that I could give someone is to try to place yourself, if possible, where you can make your cast and retrieve parallel to the bank. This keeps your bait in the strike zone of the fish on the complete cycle of cast and retrieve.

When you fish a bank again, give this method a try for a big plus in your fishing.

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