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Gabby’s Fishing Fever

Determining fishing’s peak times

I think most anglers would say they have favorite times of the day to fish in summer. During this time of year there are peak activity times when bass and other fish are most active and feeding often. Knowing this and planning to be on the water at these times will give you a huge advantage on increasing your catch rate.

In the dog days of summer the surface temperatures get hot and the oxygen levels drop. This will cause a negative feeding and activity level with bass. They will move to deeper and cooler water with better-dissolved oxygen levels that will let them be more active. There are times during the day the bass will come to shallow water more — very early and late in the afternoon and at night. Bass also come to shallow water during times of major weather changes like before or after a hard rain.

After a hard rain the temperature usually drops and the water gets some fresh water and richer oxygen. I have seen this alone turn the fishing on big time. If you see a feeding active fish in the area, cast baits such as top waters, buzz baits and spinner baits and fish until the action slows or stops.

Learn to watch for these peak times and try to fish them all you can.

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