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Gabby’s Fishing Fever

Don’t let heat stop you from fishing

These very hot temperatures during the day make it hard to do much fishing, but there are several other things you can do to get out of the heat and catch fish when they are active, which is a win for everyone.

Try fishing very early in the morning now, as it is much cooler and the fish are in a peak feeding time. Look for signs of baitfish breaking the surface along with the sounds of bass breaking the surface. This is a sign of feeding on top water.

This is also a great time to fish all night for bass and crappie, both of which will move very shallow in and around cover at night and close to key areas on the bank. You should fish buzz baits, spinners and top waters to draw explosive strikes.

You should also watch for sudden weather changes that cool the temperature, such as after a rain. Another good way to beat the heat is targeting shady banks and fishing them more.

Boat docks are among my favorite places to fish in hot weather, as they provide all kinds of shady and cool spots under and around them.

If you go out fishing, try one of these tips to help beat the heat.

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