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Gabby’s Fishing Fever

Bluegill in weed beds at Carr Fork

We had a chance to take the camper over to Carr Creek Lake this past week and camp a few nights. While there we got in some good bluegill fishing.

We fished around several types of cover and along the bank without much luck. Then we saw some small bluegill going in and out of a weed bed full of grass-looking weeds that grow in the lake this time of year. Many small baitfish were using this area also, so it was a great place to fish for bluegill.

Bluegill use weed beds in summer for several reasons. The weed beds are a great form of cover to hide from bigger game fish and baitfish use weed beds to hold around and feed off the weed blooms. The green weeds put off a lot of oxygen into the water and make the fish more active. All these things make weed beds a top choice for active bluegill in the summer months. The deeper you fish around most of the beds the bigger the fish are.

Look for single isolated weed beds and always fish them well, as most of the time they will hold really good-sized fish. If you are in a boat or on the bank work your bait in and around open spots in the bed.

These are just a few tips to try the next time you run across a weed bed and want to catch bluegill.

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