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Gabby’s Fishing Fever

Fish a little deeper for more action

It is most definitely late summer and the hot weather is proof of that. This can be a good — but tough — time for some anglers to get out and fish.

As I have worked underground all my life, I am used to the milder temperatures and cannot take too much of the hot weather outside. Still, there are some things you can do help to catch more fish during this weather. Among them are fishing early and late at night and in overcast weather conditions.

Because fish become more stressed in shallow hot water, they will move to deeper and cooler water to hold and feed on baitfish. So it is just smart to fish deeper right now for the best results.

There are baits made to fish deeper. Worms, jigs, and tubestyle baits all can be adjusted to fish however deep you need to by adding or removing weights. Deep diving baits like crank baits have larger bill designs to let them dive deeper, and spinner baits are made to slow roll to deeper cover.

Look on a fish finder screen for schools of deeper fish on cover. Bass and crappie and walleye will school on deeper cover in summer and winter months.

On your next trip look a little deeper for better action.

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