Whitesburg KY

Gabby’s Fishing Fever

It’s top water explosion time

With summer almost at its end and the days getting shorter, the weather is still very warm and muggy at times. This means it will be some time before the bass move deeper for winter.

As for now, the top-water bite is very much still on and will get even better as the season goes into early- and mid-fall. As water cools, bass will become much more active on and around the surface. This is a great time to do some top water fishing.

There are a large number of top water-style baits for bass — buzz baits, top water jerk bait, chuggers, poppers, twitch baits, floating worms and floating frog style baits. All these baits work well for surface feeding bass, though some work better at certain times and in different water and cover and temp conditions.

It just takes putting in the time on the water over the years to learn the best bait for the current fishing condition with which you are faced. The biggest thing in fishing top water baits is to give them a little action, but not too much.

A struggling baitfish on the surface is an easy target for hungry bass, and they will hit it with great force at times. Top water strikes can be heart stopping at times. I have had big bass blow up on a top water buzz bait so hard they come completely out of the water.

Put enough action into the retrieve of your bait to put some sound waves out into the water. Bass use these sounds to guide them to prey or bait. As the weather cools on down, the top water bite will just get hotter.

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