Whitesburg KY

Gabby’s Fishing Fever

We have to take what weather gives us

We have had some relief from the hot, dry conditions in the form of some rain and a little more mild fall temperatures and weather.

I was talking to one angler who had fished Carr Creek Lake recently and he said the water temperatures were still in the mid 80’s. This time of year the water should be in the high 70’s range.

This helps the fishing more than about anything because as the cool down going toward early winter goes slowly in small degree drops, every time it does it changes or modifies the fish-catching patterns. This is a big deal for bass anglers.

This temperature change will determine the best fish-catching patterns and the right baits to use. Normally the fall bass fishing season will start off with bass moving into backwater areas and along shallow banks with deeper water close by. They will follow the bait fish schools and feed.

During this time of year bass will do good on crank baits and spinner baits. Also sound baits like rattle traps style baits work well.

As the water cools on down, a top water bite will begin and some of the best action of the year. Then as early winter comes, the slower tube baits and jigs and deeper running baits work well.

We will just have to wait and see what the weather gives us.

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