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Gabby’s fishing fever

Fishing on the edge

There are several things in fishing that, if you keep in mind when you go at certain times of the year, will help you to catch more fish.

This is the time of year that fish will move to deeper water areas and to areas with access to deeper water. Just about any type of underwater structure and cover will have some sort of edge. An edge can be defined as the outside area that runs along the cover.

For example, if there is a long stump row or a line of standing timber along the edge of what used to be the old creek channel before the lake was made, after the lake is filled this all becomes permanent underwater cover. Fish will swim along the outside or the edge of this cover looking for food or shade or a place to hide if needed.

As the sunlight gets hotter and the water temperatures rise, fish like bass and crappie will move to deeper water and cover where the water is cooler. Some cover will run from shallow to deeper water. Fish will use these areas year round.

There are several types of areas that will have an edge that fish can use. Some of these include creek and river channels, ditches, old fence rows, long points and ridges, weed beds, boat docks, stump rows and flooded timber and cliff lines and bluffs.

Fish will use these edges like a person would use a highway. Fish will follow along the edges to move from one area to another and to change depths when needed. If anglers will use and understand this use of the edge of cover by fish and plan their fishing around it, it will greatly increase their fishing success not only in fishing deeper water but also in finding fish on a new lake and catching fish year round.

Knowing how to read or follow an edge of any type of cover is best done by using a good fish finder unit on a boat and slowly moving along the edge of, say, an old creek channel. Look for the edge and different depth levels, look for things like drop offs, cover, and where two or more types of cover meet, like where two creek channels meet. If there is cover close this makes this a year round fishing hot spot.

Learning about and using edges will help you in understanding and setting up fish-catching patterns that you can use all year. Once you have decided on a edge you want to fish, try to make your casts parallel to the cover and fish along the cover. This will keep your bait in the fish’s strike zone much longer.

This is a high percentage way of fishing and can produce some great action.

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