Whitesburg KY

Gabby’s Fishing Fever

Bass action picks up with cooler temps

We have had a warm fall so far and it is now cooling down some. The water and air temperatures are getting down to normal and fishing is getting better as the fall goes on.

The water was in the high- to mid-80’s just a few weeks ago. This is way above the normal for this time of year, so getting back down to normal will help the bass fishing a lot.

At this time of year bass move to backwater areas and along shallow banks. They will follow schools of baitfish into these types of areas to feed up for winter. They will try to pick off the ones that look like they are weak or injured, as these are an easy meal. Most of these will be hit on the top of the water, which will set up some of the best top-water fishing of the year.

Baits that look like or sound like an injured baitfish work well for top-water feeding bass. Baits like buzz baits and top waters, jerk baits, chuggers, and poppers will all draw explosive top water strikes by feeding bass.

So if you get a chance this fall, get in on some of this great bass fishing action.

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