Whitesburg KY

Gabby’s Fishing Fever

Bass are moving closer to lake banks

We are having some of the best bass fishing of the year right now.

Bass are on the move and are feeding up for the winter ahead. They will follow the baitfish schools and pick off the weak and wounded ones. They will go on feeding runs and make fishing very exciting at times as the baitfish schools leave the open water in main lake areas and move to more shallow backwater areas and along banks and shorelines, bringing the bass along with them.

So look for any sign of feeding action like shad or feeding bass breaking the surface. Also, look anywhere birds are feeding around the surface. These are all signs of feeding bass in the area.

Try to fish bait that resembles a small baitfish like a small top water twitch or jerk bait, which can draw explosive strikes. Small spinner baits also work well and rattling style baits are easy for hungry bass to find and strike.

Most of this type of action can be found close to or around the bank on most lakes. If you are looking for fall bass action, look for a bank for some action.

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