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Gabby’s Fishing Fever

Bass action can get wild — quickly

The water temperatures have dropped and the bass have moved shallow and are feeding on schools of shad. They are now waiting for weak and injured shad to stray away from the school so they can pick them off. This makes using top water baits the top choice when fishing this time of year.

Bass will strike top water baits with a lot of speed as they go on feeding sprees. If you have never experienced a huge bass blowing up on top water baits, then you are in for a heart-stopping thrill when you do.

There are many types of good top water style baits that all work well at different times. The best known one is the buzz bait. This simple skirted spinning-bladed bait has caught more bass than can be counted over the years. The sound of the blade in the water and the squealing of the blade running on the shaft just drive bass mad.

Also, baits like jerk baits, poppers and chuggers work very good. To cast them, just look for areas on the water where the surface is working with jumping bass or baitfish and work these lures in the area.

But be warned — the action can get wild quickly.

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