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Mostly clear

Gabby’s Fishing Fever

Fishing when lakes ‘turn over’

This is the time that most lakes are in the turnover time. This is when the warmer water on top now will go deeper and the cooler, deeper water will come up and trade places.

The turnover is common on most lakes in mid spring and in late fall. The lake kind of rolls over and the signs of this are pretty common. The easiest thing to see is the color of the water. It will take on an odd brownish, dark green-looking color. This is from the stuff on the bottom of the lake like old rotten leafs and weeds and wood and just muddy bottom being pulled to the top. Also there will be an odor like a rotten smell this is all the junk from the bottom.

During all this change in the lake that lasts around two weeks, the fishing is normally not too good. The fishing will be tough at best. All you can do is look for the clearest water you can find where the lake has settled and starting to clear and fish small baits around any cover.

The good news is this gets over and the lake settles to winter pool levels and some of the best fishing for crappie and smallmouth bass and other fish is coming real soon.

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