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Willow leaf-style spinners work now

Most lakes in our region have now turned over and are at winter pool as they settle in for the rest of fall. This means that bass have also moved into their basic late-fall patterns and will follow schools of shad and baitfish, picking off the easy meals and building up fat for the coming winter months.

Bass will now go on feeding sprees and if you are in the right place at the right time it can be a great day. There are several baits that resemble and act like a struggling shad and this triggers a natural striking action to a bass. I think one of the best baits to do this with is the spinner bait.

Spinner baits come in many designs and shapes, and some work better at certain times during the year. The long slender blade is called a willow leaf style and it cuts the water fast and spins easier than other styles of blades. By moving and spinning faster it gives off more flash in the water like an injured baitfish and a feeding bass will move in for the kill.

Typically at this time of year when fishing a spinner bait, you want to retrieve it where it just runs below the surface and breaks the surface every now and then. This looks like a struggling baitfish and it will drive a bass crazy.

If you are planning a bass fishing trip soon be sure to give spinner baits a try.

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