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Live baits often work the best

There are many anglers that like to use live bait instead of artificial bait most of the year. And there is nothing wrong with this. Live bait can really turn some types of fish on a feeding spree at times.

Fish like bass, smallmouth and largemouth, crappie, walleye and even musky all love live bait.

Most anglers refer to live bait as a go-to bait when typical artificial bait is not working. Bait like minnows or chubs are widely used. Also several worms like nightcrawlers, red worms, mealworms, wax worms and others are great choices at the right time.

A lot of time when the action is slow or dead, the use of live bait can bring a fishing trip back to life.

When using live bait you can keep it at its most productive level by doing little things, like when fishing with a cup of worms keep them out of direct heat and sunlight. They will not last long like this. Try to put them in a cooler, shady area if it is hot out.

With worms you can make several casts and not lose your bait. But when fishing with minnows, you need to be more careful and try to leave your casts in with as few casts as you can. Slapping the water and being retrieved several times will kill a minnow most of the time. When fishing the bigger chub minnows, just kind of lob them out and leave them all you can. They will die very easy with too much handling.

Just watch these things and live bait can make for a great trip.

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