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Gabby’s Fishing Fever

Looking for signs of fish activity

In the sport of fishing there are many signs that fish and nature will give to let you know there are fish in the area, including those who are actively feeding.

Fishermen often get so excited and in a hurry to get started fishing they completely overlook the signs right in front of them. Sometimes if you will just slow down and take the time to check out what is going on around you on the water you can make much better decisions about what you need to do next to get on the fish.

The old timers had a saying about reading the water to know how to set up the best fish catching pattern for that time. These are the smart anglers who have really have put the time in on the water in all types of conditions and weather, and know how to adapt in any situation or he condition. These are the anglers that seem to always be able to find and catch fish.

When you get to the water, look for any signs of surface activity or minnows or fish breaking the surface. This is from active feeding fish and a great sign to an angler to take time to fish this area. Seeing baitfish darting around or swimming fast out of an area is a sign of a larger predator fish, such as a bass or musky, in the area. Fish a larger bait slowly in these areas.

Remember, when you are on the water look for signs of fish activity.

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