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Gabby’s Fishing Fever

For the angler on your Christmas list

I am sure there is an angler somewhere on everyone’s Christmas list. I get some type of fishingrelated gift most every Christmas and always use it sometime during the year.

Fishing gifts are like everything else — you can spend a little or a lot on someone. For example you can buy single count lures like a jig for only a couple of bucks or spend several hundred dollars on a top-of-the-line fishing reel. Most anglers will be thankful for whatever they receive.

There are many fishing-related items you can choose from, including countless numbers of every type of lure to pick from. If you know what type of fish the the angler on your list likes to fish for then that is even better. They make lures for everything from bluegill to giant-size musky. In every fish category there are all colors and sizes of lures. Some are shallow baits and some run deeper and have different actions and put off sounds in the water to attract fish.

Smaller fish like bluegill, crappie and trout like small bright colored baits tipped with live bait at times. There are several baits in these categories. Fish like walleye like baits with a lot of bright colors such as green and yellow and with flashing spinners on them. Monster musky like big loud top water baits and blades that make a lot of disturbance in the water.

Some of these baits can be expensive but, like I said, most anglers will be happy with the gift and the thought of you caring enough to get it for them.

I would like to wish everyone a blessed and happy Christmas.

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