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Wade fishing beats the heat

Fisherman can do a couple of things to continue enjoying their sport in the heat of summer. Fishing at night or very early in the morning can be very productive because most of the fish in a pond or lake will be most active and in shallow water during these lowlight cooler times.

One of my favorite ways to fish in the heat of summer is to wade fish. Simply find a spot in a creek or small river where you can get into the water, wade out with a fishing pole and some tackle and bait and walk up and down the creek casting to the bank or fishylooking areas.

Wading is very fun and productive way to fish a creek. There is just something about being in the water that makes you feel like you are together with the fish.

There are many good wading streams in our area. You can probably find some type of fishing action anywhere there is a stream with a decent depth of water. I have fished streams that were not even knee-deep and had a threepound plus bass blow up on my bait. So don’t think small water can’t hold big fish.

Several species of fish live in creeks and rivers, including largemouth, smallmouth, and Kentucky or spotted bass. Also available for catching are redeye, sunfish, carp, catfish, and trout. Bigger rivers hold musky, walleye and stripers.

When fishing in the smaller creeks a light weight action rod with six to 10 pound test line will work well. Most fisherman use a spinning reel, but you can use a light weight bait caster also. For artificial baits, stick with the smaller size baits such as crank baits, spinner baits, buzz baits and top waters. Small plastics like grubs, worms, jerk baits and jigs also work well.

When you are ready to start fishing, look for areas with cover or places where the swift water meets the slower water. Different fish use the current on the fast side or slower side to hold and to feed in. Fish such as redeye will hold around rocky cover. Try different baits in different places to see what works best.

One thing to remember is that in a creek the fish always face toward the direction of the current. With this in mind make your presentation or cast so that your bait will be above your target and come down in front of the fish.

Look for areas where the water hits the bank and then kicks back out. This will cause a slack water area where a bass can hold and is a great place to make a cast.

Shade from overhanging trees offer a cooler place to fish in the summer months and can offer some of the best fishing and most beautiful scenery you will ever see.

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