Whitesburg KY

Gabby’s Fishing Fever

Now’s the time for trout fishing

Curing the cooler months of the year — like now — many anglers choose to just wait for warmer weather before they start back fishing. This is fine, but they are missing out on some of the best fishing of the year for one fish. That fish is the colorful trout.

The trout in our area are mostly the rainbow trout, given its name from the many bright different colors that run the length of it body. These very distinctive colors make the rainbow trout one of the most beautiful fish you can see. The trout is a very different fish than most typical lake-dwelling fish like bass or bluegill. The trout is much more suited to cooler water and likes to live in the current in rivers and lakes. These fish will remain active in much cooler water than most other fish.

Trout like to take small baits off the surface like bugs and worms that fall into the water. They also like small minnows and other smaller baits. As far as fishing lures just made for trout, most are bright colored and some have small spinners on them.

If you are on the bank fishing for trout a lot of anglers will fish with yellow whole corn or red worms or the small white marshmallows and you can also mix them up at the same time on one hook. Slide a piece of corn on the hook and tip it with a red worm. This is a very good way to fish for them. As far as wade fishing the river for trout, it is hard to beat fly-fishing for them.

In Kentucky, you have to have a up-to-date fishing license plus a trout stamp. There is a legal creel limit and size on them so be sure you get all the information on the area you plan on fishing. On most rivers or streams and in most lakes they have trout stocking during the year you can go to the Kentucky Fish and Wildlife website to find stocking dates for your area.

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