Whitesburg KY

Gabby’s Fishing Fever

Check out fish attractors now for later

Most all the lakes in our region are at or close to the winter pool, which means the lakes have been drawn down to allow for rain and snow melt to have somewhere to go instead of causing flooding.

This is often a time Fish and Wildlife workers will use to install new fish attractors or work and repair existing ones. Also, the folks that keep up with the maintenance on the lake can do repairs to the dam and other projects while the water is down. Boat docks can be worked on while the water level is low.

The other day I drove by Carr Creek Lake, where the water is all the way down to winter pool. Much of the lake is down close to the original creek beds and you could see a lot of the old roadbed. But I noticed several new areas where some type of fish attractors were being added — mostly wood of some type like branches and limbs and a lot of old Christmas trees. These make great fish beds. They stay green for a long time and hold up a long time underwater.

Most of the time the workers will tie several of the branches and Christmas trees together and put heavy concrete blocks on them to hold them down. Most of the time the cover will be located in places in high percentage areas where fish hang around most of the year. This makes them even more productive.

The trick is to learn where the cover is placed now and then go back when the water is full and fish these areas. Bass, crappie and bluegill love to hang out around these beds. I have caught a lot of nice fish over the years in and around these beds. So they are something that is worth the time to check out now.

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