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Gabby’s Fishing Fever

Find your ‘honey hole’ for life now

This is the time of year that most lakes are at winter pool. This means the lakes are dropped to the lowest levels of the year to hold wintertime snow and rain runoff and will not flood their banks. Also work can be done on dams and along banks and other areas that need it.

During this time of the year most backwater and shallow areas will be exposed for several months. You will be able to see the original creeks and rivers that run through and into the lake. You can see areas of the banks and dropoffs and shallow spots and bends in the creeks, also areas that have different types of cover like wood or rocks even old weed beds.

Areas that have long points with a shallow side and a deeper dropoff side with deeper water close by can hold some of the best fishing anywhere when the lake is full in warmer weather. But when the lake is full you cannot see any of these features. It all just looks like one big smooth body of water, giving no real idea of what is under the water.

This is why it is so important to take time to study and remember all you can about all the features of the lake and then fish these areas when the lake is full to give you a huge advantage over other anglers.

I know that in this time of high definition fish finders and underwater sonar and cameras, some anglers can tell a lot about the underwater world but some of this can be very expensive. The old-timers would study the lake at winter pool and remember things and spots and come back to fish them later and do well and learn what we called hot spots or our secret fishing holes.

Some of these areas were kept secret for years by older anglers. But just take time now to learn your lake and then in warm weather you can start your own honey hole for life.

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