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Gabby’s Fishing Fever

Is your fishing tackle ready for spring?

During this time of year with snow and cold weather and all the rain and flooding it makes it hard to get any fishing time in. But you can use this extra time to still do something fishing related.

I like to use this time to go over all my tackle and baits and clean, oil and reorganize all my stuff. Most anglers will have several fishing poles they use during the year and some always have old line on them and need to be cleaned and oiled. I always take these poles and strip all the old line off them and use some fishing reel oil or some sewing machine oil — it works good also — and put a few drops on any moving part of the reel.

You can then put some oil on a clean rag and wipe the whole fishing rod with it and it will clean everything off it and make it shine like new. I always like to remove the reel from the rod and clean all that area as well. If you are not planning on using that rod and reel for a while I would not put new line on it till you get ready to use it. This keeps everything at its best condition.

It can take a while to clean and oil a bunch of fishing poles but they will look and work like new and you really have to do this once a year. Also you can go through lures and tackle and reorganize them and fix them the way you like them. My favorite way is to use the clear plastic containers with the moveable dividers in them. You can put a lot of lures in one of these boxes. The clear boxes allow you to see what is in each one for quick choosing.

If you are just waiting for some warmer weather to start fishing, use this time to get all your fishing tackle ready for a great spring.

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