Whitesburg KY

Gabby’s Fishing Fever

Area lakes are starting to look better

After all the rain and snow we have had recently there was a lot of flooding of creeks rivers and lakes as muddy runoff caused all the waterways to come out of their banks.

There is nothing during this time of year that will kill the fishing action faster than cold and high muddy water. And that is just what we had, but for now the weather is much better and the waterways are looking a lot better, too. This will help the fishing slowly get back to being normal.

As we are getting closer to early spring, the air and water temperatures will slowly get warmer and the fishing better. But for a few more weeks the weather will be up and down and the fishing will be kind of hit and miss.

Some fish like crappie and smallmouth bass are more active this time of year than other fish like bluegill. After a time of high muddy water — after the water has receded and conditions get good again — look for areas where the water is more at normal levels. This is where the best action will be found.

Use small natural baits and work them slowly around any cover or around the bank areas where you see fish working baitfish. Just remember spring is around the corner and great fishing will follow.

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