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Gabby’s Fishing Fever

Bass are starting move to shallow areas

It has been a wild time with the weather the past couple months. We had warm weather early. Weeks of cold and snow and all kinds of hard rain and flooding.

This really took a toll on the early spring bass fishing. This is not the time of year you want a lot of high, cold, muddy water. That is one of the hardest conditions to fish in. But the weather has kind of settled down some for now, and with the waterways clearing some and a few days of warming and more stable weather, the bass are starting to move more shallow and feed some and around the banks.

This is a big advantage to bass anglers that understand bass movement and early seasonal patterns. Using this knowledge to your advantage and trying to recreate this situation will give you, as a bass angler, a big advantage over most fisherman.

You can do this by looking for spots or areas where the sun hits the bank the most during the day, and any visible cover in this area. Watch for any sign of baitfish working the area or breaking the surface and skipping around. This is a dead giveaway of activity and feeding bass.

Fish small shad-colored crank baits or plastics like a tube bait or jig grub rig or also live bait is a top producer of winter bass. Make your casts past the area some and slowly work the bait into and through the area and feel for any pull jerk or twitch on the line. I have even just felt the bait stop working for no reason.

Any of these things can be a strike and may be very light. If you want to get out early and do some bass fishing give this a try.

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