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Gabby’s Fishing Fever

Crappie fishermen suffer spring fever

It is most definitely getting close to spring, and to a lot of anglers that means the start of crappie fishing.

This is a big deal to many anglers. I have for many years looked forward to the start of crappie season and would most of the time have good trips and catch a lot of crappie. I always went to the backwater areas of Carr Creek Lake when the water had raised enough to fish there.

There used to be some man-made stake beds on the river channel where the crappie would hold. The beds would also hold schools of shad and small minnows, one of the favorite foods of crappie.

Most of the time I would fish from the bank at Carr Creek Lake after work, as you could reach the cover from the bank with a good cast. During the times I had a boat with me I could fish the deeper outside edges of this cover and target bigger fish in the deeper water. This was a nighttime crappie fishing hotspot for many years, and my dad and I and several others would have some great nighttime fishing trips.

Those old stake beds are gone now, but the lake workers have put a lot of new cover in key areas — things like old Christmas trees and wood cover. You should also look for any natural cover in the water like tree stumps, trees limbs and trees that have fallen into the water. Look for slips on the bank where trees and brush have slid into the water, as this can be a real hotspot to fish.

Most of the time, manmade fish attractors will be close to a fishing dock or marked with a floating buoy. So it won’t be long now until great spring crappie fishing will be here.

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