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Carr Creek Lake getting better for bass

I have talked to a lot of fisherman and have seen a lot of pictures online of some nice bass already caught this year.

Every year about this time Carr Creek Lake seems to give up some nice big bass. This little lake seems to get better and better every year. Soon some big bass tournaments will be held on this lake, like the Vicco-Sassafras Volunteer Fire Department tournament. This is one of the biggest ones of the year and one of the oldest.

Over the many years of this bass tournament I have fished a lot of them and have been blessed enough to place in several of them and win big bass before. I have not gotten to fish this one for a few years but would like to soon again.

Bass are on the move to more shallow and backwater areas as the weather warms and the lakes are being raised to summer pool. Bass will move along bank areas and use spots with deeper water close by. Places that have shallow areas with cover present and deeper water like a creek or river channel close can be a bass hotspot and well worth the time to fish.

Most early season bass anglers, including myself, like to fish a small medium running crankbait. Bass are feeding on shad and minnow schools so this is a great color pattern to use. Black and silver or white is a good choice.

On days when the weather is cooler, try a small tube bait or grub on a small jig head for slower action bass. If you can, get your early season bass fishing started off soon.

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