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Night fishing favorite of many

One thing anglers can do to beat the daytime heat is fish at night. Night fishing has long been a favorite way to fish, and most definitely is one of my favorite ways.

In addition to the temperatures being much cooler, there is much less boat traffic, swimmers and jet skiers on the lake. All these disturbances make fish move into deeper water, and most fish are night feeders any way.

My ideal way to night fish is to put your boat in the water just before sundown and then decide on a spot to fish.

Largemouth bass, walleye, catfish and crappie all are more active at night. Bass fishing at night in particular can be very rewarding at times, especially when the fish move to shallows to feed. Most will hold on cover or cruise a deeper bank line looking for food.

Baits that work well when bass are in shallow water include top water baits and buzz baits. Cast these top water baits to shallow water or down a bank and work them back with a series of twitches and pause-type retrieve.

If you are fishing a buzz bait, retrieve the bait just fast enough to keep the blades turning. Try to make the bait bump or come over any type of cover. This can cause explosive strikes.

Other good baits for night fishing include plastic worms, spider jigs, hair and rubber skirted jigs and some crank baits and spinner baits. Bass do not hunt by sight at night, but more by sound and vibration given off by other fish and prey. Knowing this, try to make your bait sound or act like this to draw the bass to your bait.

The next time you want to go fishing but can’t take the heat, give night fishing a try. It might become your favorite way to fish.

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