Whitesburg KY

Gabby’s Fishing Fever

We can still have a good fishing season

It is officially spring on the calendar and a lot of folks including myself are ready to get out and do some crappie fishing.

Most of the lakes are being raised to summer pool and backwater areas are filling in and bringing new food into the lake system and putting fish like bass and crappie on the move to these areas.

In early spring, crappie is one of the first fishes to move to new shallow areas in and around cover and begin to look for food and for nesting sites coming soon. As the newly raised water fills in new areas, small schools of minnows and shad baitfish will go into backwater areas and fish like bass, crappie and bluegill will follow them and feed.

As the water gets warmer and there is more sunshine and current in the water, the water becomes more oxygen rich and plants will begin to grow and put even more oxygen into the water. This is what is known as photosynthesis and all this makes for a perfect situation for these fish to feed and become very active during this time period. This makes this time of year very good for crappie fishing.

Look for areas with some type of cover like wood or rock piles. Anything a crappie can use to hold around can make a great place to fish for crappie. One thing to keep in mind is that you can catch big numbers of crappie right now, so use common sense and practice catch and release.

Bait for crappie can be a small live minnow or a bright colored tube bait or crappie jig worked in and around the cover. Jig the bait slowly up and down.

Be sure to keep everything clean and keep your distance in public and we will have a good fishing season.

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