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Gabby’s Fishing Fever

Carr Creek has matured into fine lake

I was by Carr Creek Lake earlier this week and saw that it was looking really nice with a good healthy color and still around five feet below summer pool.

I have not gotten to go fishing in a while and am really looking forward to going soon. In the early spring the bass fishing on this lake can be great. In the past there were years when bass fishing was good then the next year would be real tough. Any lake goes through up-and-down cycles, especially younger lakes under 20 years old or so .

Th ere are several factors that can pattern a lake to become a great fishing lake or a poor quality lake over a long time period. Things like over fishing, no restocking on a regular basis, several poor years of fish hatchery, poor cover and oxygen levels in the lake, pollution and more. But Carr Creek Lake is old enough now and healthy enough to offer year after year of great spring bass fishing.

I think all of the negative years have peaked for this lake and it has stabilized into a quality lake for largemouth bass, crappie, walleye and catfish. This lake has a beautiful color, and this is a sign of an oxygen-rich lake and is a basic building block for a good lake for many years to come.

I for one am very thankful to have this little gem of a lake in our area.

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