Whitesburg KY

Gabby’s Fishing Fever

Spring bass fishing is still going well

It seems like everywhere I look — and to whomever I talk about it — bass fishing is going well.

I have seen things online where a lot of my friends have caught some big bass. In Kentucky and Tennessee the lakes are at summer pool and look very good. Bass are in pre-spawn and you most likely will find them in shallow backwater areas, in and around weed beds and small rocky shallow areas on flats, and where shallow water is close to deeper water dropoffs.

Bass will now feed a lot on top water and shallow on baitfish and worms and bugs. This can make for some great top water and shallow action. If you are top water fishing, try using small baits like buzz baits and jerk and twitch baits. These have been used by springtime bass anglers for years. Small plastics are also great for bedding bass.

If you see a big bass on the nest, cast a small four-inch worm or tube bait or lizard close to the bed and leave it in the area as long as you can and gently work it around the nest. Most of the time the bass will hit it or pick it up and move it away from the nest. Some huge female bass have been caught doing this. A small shallow running crank bait works well also.

Just remember, this is the time bass are having their young, so practice catch and release if you can.

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