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Gabby’s Fishing Fever

Bass being caught in shallow waters

I have seen reports and stories about bass from all around and they all seem to be caught out of mostly shallow water areas.

During this time of the end of the spawn and post-spawn periods, it is normal for bass to hunt for food in more shallow water and shoreline areas and to hold close around shallow cover. They will use cover to set up an ambush point to wait for a easy meal to come along. Or they will cruise the shoreline and flats during certain times of the day looking for a meal.

When bass are holding in and around cover, use baits that can get close and down into the cover. Plastic worms have worked great over the years. In fact, I would have to say that plastic worms have caught most of my bass. Tube baits are also great baits to get into small, tight areas deep in the cover.

At night, bass love to hold on cover. When this is the case a small jig worked slowly and close to cover can produce some bigger size fish. But if you see and hear bass working the surface area in a shallow or shoreline area, then use baits like crank baits, spinner baits, top waters, and buzz baits.

Make a long cast when fishing a crank bait or spinner. Reel the lure fast enough to feel the vibration of the bait and work the bait with small pauses and twitches to make the bait seem injured. This will produce a natural strike from a feeding bass.

Buzz baits can be fished about any time but early and late at night seem to be peak activity times.

If you get the chance to go bass fishing, try out these areas and tips for a great trip.

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