Whitesburg KY

Gabby’s Fishing Fever

Bass starting to move around some

It is getting time for bass to move from the spawning to post-spawn and to start moving around to new areas.

After several weeks on the nest the bass will begin to move out and look for new areas to feed and hold around cover of some form. Some will stay close to shallow water areas where they spawned and others will move along shore and bank line areas close to shallow cover.

With the high temperatures experienced this week, the water is becoming much warmer and will cause some bass to move to deeper and cooler water during the daytime. They will hold there during the heat of the day and become more active at nighttime. This makes nighttime bass fishing a top choice.

As the cooler night air settles in and the lake is much cooler and calmer, feeding bass move from deeper cover to more shallow areas and along bank lines and shallow cover. A top water bait like a buzz bait is a great bait choice. Most any type of top-water style bait is also good, or a sub-surface bait like a spinner or crank bait. Bass are cruising the shallows looking for baitfish, bugs, worms and crawdads and will follow a sound made by these baits to locate them. So a rattling or noisy bait always works best at night.

If the bass are holding to cover, a worm or tube bait or jig is needed to work into the cover and slowly work a strike. I have used all these for summer bass and at the right time they can catch some good fish.

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