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Gabby’s Fishing Fever

Need to relax? Go wade fishing

Just about any angler you talk to has some good stories and good memories of wade fishing in a river.

To some anglers this is the best way to be as one with the outdoors. Once you enter the water and get deep enough to get used to it, you can really get the full experience of being in the water and fishing also. And when the first fish strikes your line and you feel that fight it is the best feeling in the world.

This type of fishing is the favorite of many anglers and is one of the most exciting. This is also a much more laidback way to fish. It is always cooler and much more shady under the trees that overhang a creek or river. I have gotten to fish this way many times and have always had a great time.

However, do not let the size of these small waters fool you, as some record fish have been caught out of rivers and creeks. Fish that have been in large lakes seem to get lazy sometimes, but river fish are more active and more aggressive about food and will strike bait or lures harder than a lake fish.

A three-pound bass in a river will outfight a five-pound lake bass most of the time. If you need a break from everything going on right now, then find yourself a nice cool shady stream or river. Wade in and make a cast and let your troubles just wash away.

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